Public Notice Intent to Tabulate Early

Pursuant to O.C.G.A. § 21-2-386 (4) notice is hereby given that the tabulation of the absentee ballots returned of votes cast in the June 9, 2020 General Primary Election will take place at the Berrien County Administration Building County Commissioners Board Room and in the Elections Office located at the Berrien County Administration Building , 201 N. Davis St. Nashville, Georgia, on Tuesday, June 2, 2020 beginning at 2:00

Melanie M. Ray
Berrien County Elections Supervisor
Berrien County Board of Elections
1st floor of Administration Building
Room 146
Melanie Ray – Supervisor of Elections
201 N. Davis St.
Nashville, Ga. 31639
Phone 229-686-6160
FAX 229-686-9495
Georgia Voter Identification Requirements
Georgia law (O.C.G.A § 21-2-417) requires Georgia residents to show photo identification when voting in person. This law will be implemented for the September 18, 2007 Special Election and all future elections. Contact your county registrar’s office to find out if there is an election on September 18 in your county. If you have questions or need more information or have difficulty getting a FREE Voter Identification Card, you can contact your county registrar’s office or the Secretary of State, Elections Division.
You are not required to include any identification when you vote absentee by mail.

What IDs are Acceptable?

  • Any valid state or federal government issued photo ID, including a FREE Voter ID Card issued by your county registrar’s office or the Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS)

  • A Georgia Driver’s License, even if expired

  • Valid employee photo ID from any branch, department, agency, or entity of the U.S. Government, Georgia, or any county, municipality, board, authority or other entity of this state

  • Valid U.S. passport ID

  • Valid U.S. military photo ID

  • Valid tribal photo ID

If you do not have one of these forms of photo identification, a Georgia Voter Identification Card is available FREE of charge at your county registrar’s office or any Department of Driver Services Office.
For further details about obtaining a Voter Identification Card, please contact your county registrar’s office.
Before being issued a voter identification card, the voter must provide:

  • A photo identity document or approved non-photo identity document that includes full legal name and date of birth

  • Documentation showing the voter’s date of birth

  • Evidence that the applicant is a registered voter

  • Documentation showing the applicant’s name and residential address.

Municipal Elections will be November 5, 2019 and Qualifying dates are August 19- 23.
The Secretary of State’s Office has established a secure website and free-access telephone number for provisional ballot voters to access to determine whether their provisional ballots were counted and if not, the reason why.
The website is Click Here to Check Your Provisional Ballot
The free access number is 1-844-537-5375.

Chris Harvey
Elections Director, Georgia Secretary of State